37 AG PAVLOU STR, 10438

Hellas Vacances
was established in 1985. Based in Athens, we cover since day one,
with our services all Greece.

The credibility, the quality of our selections, the transparency in all kind of economic
exchanges, have placed us among the best, Greek incoming (D.M.C.) travel companies.

By nature and conviction we never stopped building our knowledge by participating in
seminars and workshops, by being present in the major European travel exhibitions and
by listening to you explaining your clients’ expectations.

Our cooperators are tour operators and travel agencies from Europe, USA and Canada
with different Greek destinations, product orientation, volume and type of clientele,
all of you sharing equal treatment and respect from us in all levels.

During this long discovery trip, we were involved almost in all types of the Greek product
- What a unique experience! Not a single day was boring -

  • Cultural and archaeological tours – Ancient history myths and reality
  • Religious trips back to the first steps of Christianity and the glory of the Byzantine Empire
  • One subject educational programs for experts or students.
  • Holidays in the unspoiled Greek islands - Easy living by the beach or
  • Champagne showers in private villas watching the eternal blue
  • Chic cruising or barefoot sailing in the Aegean
  • High quality incentives, side by side with tailor made fun games and competitions
  • International congresses planning science’s and world’s future steps and tactics.
  • European football (Champion’s League events) providing special treatment to the teams and delegations, sharing efforts, strategy and victory

It is so exciting to talk about you and us and the experiences we shared all these years. Planning and materialization, myths and reality, but above all, what is left, is the obsession to keep on this business travel inspired by your passion to generate travel.